Nanashi no Game: me (2009, Nintendo DS)

Famitsu 2009 > 30/40

Cubed3 2012 > 9/10

« Nanashi no Game: Me starts off like it’s much of the same stuff that has already been done on DS with its predecessor, but turns out original enough to keep fans of the first one hooked right until the end. Some of the further tweaks also help the whole package to feel much more refined, such as the “Noroi no Game” stages that have to be unlocked and can sometimes be a tough challenge to complete, all adding to the value of the product. At time of writing, the second game has yet to get any kind of announcement of a fan-translation patch like the first Nanashi no Game did, making it kind of hard to get into for people with little-to-no knowledge of Japanese. Online help exists for those people of course, but figuring out the different riddles alone is the very essence of the game. Getting exterior help will spoil some of the fun that comes from thinking over the creepy hints. The lack of a Western release of either of these games is one of the most unfortunate things that ever happened to the DS. If you understand even a tiny bit of Japanese and are a DS-owning fan of the genre, it would be a major disservice by not owning either or both of these games. »