Nekketsu kôha Kunio kun (Renegade) (1987/Famicom)

IGN 2008 > 6/10
« Compared to the far superior River City Ransom and Double Dragon, Renegade is certainly found lacking as an example of the NES beat-‘em-up genre. And the Virtual Console release schedule didn’t do the game any favors by having it come out last on the service, right after those two more notable titles have already made a play for gamers’ same stock of 500 Wii Points. But taken on its own merits, Renegade is still a fair experience and one that could be appreciated by fans of the brawler genre, especially since it’s the game that, historically, served as the foundation for the entire genre. Put your money toward River City or Double Dragon before this one, but if you’re feeling nostalgic and don’t mind some unrefined aspects of presentation and control, consider an additional investment of five bucks here to explore the roots of side-scrolling street fighting. »

Nintendo Life 2008 > 3/10
« The final nail in the coffin is the lack of a simultaneous two-player option, which might have rendered the game a little more entertaining. Double Dragon is also guilty of this, but that game is a lot more fun and easy to control; so it’s a little more forgiveable. Unless you happen to be a massive fan of this game then we really can’t see any reason why you would want to download it when River City Ransom is available, as well as the other excellent brawlers that are on the Virtual Console. »

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